Daily Health Tips: Debunk The Cancer Myths!


Today is World Cancer Day with a focus on debunking the myths. there are so many myths (untrue) stories that surround cancer that often times we are none too sure what is helpful and what is not.

I have heard people say that they don’t need to be screened. They feel if they get screened, the doctors must find something wrong with them! 😀 Honestly, much as we (doctors) would like to feel we’ve got a lot of powers, trust me, we do not manufacture cancer in people to amuse ourselves. There’s nothing remotely amusing about cancer, right? 😉

Then, I’ve heard others say, that if you know you’ve got cancer, then worrying about it will send one to an early grave even before the disease! Okay, this is one place where ignorance is not bliss! If one screens for cancer and this is caught early, treatment is possible and…

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