#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: The Curious Case of The Missing Period :)


Hello Dr, please I need your help. I’ve not seen my period for two months now.
I’ve done pregnancy test but it’s negative. If I overwork myself, I see light
blood. If I take a rest, the bleeding will stop. Please help me

A: Thanks
for writing in. If I were a mystery writer, I would call this the ‘Curious Case
of The Missing Period!’ 😀

cases like this, perhaps, the more material question would be, if you have had
unprotected sexual intercourse in the intervening period between your last
period and now. This is your most usual ‘go to’ question when a period is

the next question would focus on the regularity of your periods. Could this be
due to an irregular period?

‘regular’ menstrual cycle is supposedly one in which the cycle (the length of
time from the 1st day of a menstrual…

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