Daily Health Tips: If I Drink Cold Water When I Am Pregnant, Will My Baby Be Born With A Cold?


Q: Doc please, I’m wondering if you could advice me. I’m 6 months pregnant and I find it difficult adhering to treatment regimen like taking my routine drugs because I believe I get the right requirement from the food I eat. Though sometimes when I remember I take the drugs. The most important thing is that I can’t do without drinking cold water and even eating the ice block (pica so to say), but I’m not anaemic. My mum said I should desist from cold things without explaining the physiology behind that to me. She only said it will make my baby to have cough when I deliver. Is there any physiology behind drinking cold water and eating ice blocks since I’m not anaemic?


A: Interesting question. Lots of things to address…

Let’s start with pica and see if we can tie everything else in. Pica consumption is the…

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