Daily Health Tips: Why Is My Baby Stooling?


Q: Good evening doctor. Please, what could be the cause of this? My 10-week old baby has been stooling for almost a week now. Thanks

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A: Congratulations on your new baby! May she be a blessing to her generation!

Okay to your question, exclusively breast fed babies may pass stool a couple of times during the day to lots of time (it might even be after every meal :D).  You’re still getting to know your baby and so you should look out for the normal consistency of his stools and the frequency. Diarrhea is usually rare in exclusively breast fed children because you’ve cut off all the middle men like bottles and teats etc that could have been reservoirs of infection. If you do practice bottle feeding, you have to be committed to be hygienic because you don’t want to introduce germs into your baby, do you?…

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