#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Vaginal Discharge In A Baby


Q: Hello doctor, my daughter have white substance in her private part I noticed it since when she is a week old and now she is two years old. Could she be having an infection?

A: Hello Mum! Thanks for writing in and being very observant!

Is it normal for a newborn baby to have vaginal discharge? Actually, yes it is. Baby girls may have clear, white, cloudy white or even bloody discharge after birth. This is as a result of your hormones that she was exposed to while in your womb. This is normal and should have disappeared by the time you go for your post-natal appointment.

Thereafter, the cause of the vaginal discharge can be a foreign body that got in there…a hair bead or even a bit of tissue left after cleaning up, for example. That is sufficient to cause significant discharge.

Other causes include:


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