Daily Health Tips: Does My Love For Eating Clay Have Anything To Do With My Heavy Menstrual Flow?


Q: Dr Ketch,good evening. This is the second time my menstrual flows has rushed up to two weeks. I am worried and disturbed. I don’t know what might be the cause. I am 29yrs. Should I see a doctor? I like eating calcium a lot. I don’t know if d calcium and nzu (clay) is it part of my problem.

A: First I would like to say that it is always a great idea to see your doctor for any medical issues you have. This page only provides limited advice. When you see your doctor, he/she can examine you properly and then decide on course of treatment.

Having said that….

Heavy menstrual flow, also known as menorrhagia, can be a source of major concern for the sheer inconvenience and the fact that it can lead to anaemia, as the body is unable to produce enough red blood cells to replace…

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