#HLWDK Daily Health tips: How Much Water Is Enough?


Q: Good morning Dr. May you kindly illuminate on recommended quantity of fluid one is required to take each day  My concern is that after taking a glass of water, 5 mins later, I am going to bathroom. Is there something wrong with me?

A: Thanks for writing in. Water is important for life and we use it for very important functions daily: taking a bath, washing clothes, washing dishes, cooking and of course, drinking. The water we drink is very critical for a lot of bodily functions like digestion, excretion (when we urinate, pass faeces and sweat), movement of nutrients all around the body, keeping your joints nice and supple etc. If you also consider the fact that a healthy body contains about two-thirds, water, then it is clear that we can’t joke with our fluid intake per day.

Five tips to help you with this:

  • Though, there are…

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