#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Work Related Stress!

As we get to the last quarter of the year and people start to panic about what they have achieved and what they haven’t, this post reminds you to focus on those goals but not to let stress get the better of you. Have a great week ahead!


This post is about about our 9 to 5 jobs…and the odd jobs in between, the rat race and the environments in which we stay to slug it out in the race…aspects of our occupational health touched on by Dolly Parton in her song! One of my facilitators in my MBA days, asked the question,’ If you win the race, do you leave the rat race?’ I’d love an answer to that, if you’ve got one.

Most of our workplaces these days are high pressure environments, what with deadlines, targets, deliverables, KPIs and all those fancy sounding words that essentially act as proverbial ‘kicks in the butts’ (forgive my French) to get busy and achieve more. Do I have a quarrel with any of these? Not necessarily…the world we live in has changed and the truth is that to out-smart the competition or even create a ‘first-in-class’ situation, ‘it don’t…

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