Daily Health Tips: Pain And Blood In My Throat


Q: Dr please I am having a problem. My throat hurts. If I force myself I will see something like blood. What should I do?
A: Pain or irritation in the throat which may worsen when you swallow, is usually sore throat.
The most common cause of sore throat is viral infection like common cold. This type of sore throat resolves without the use of any medication. As any ardent follower of this page should know by now, viral infections are self-limiting and so they will run their course and stop with or without any treatment. Other causes of sore throat include bacterial infection, irritants (like tobacco smoke), muscle strain (from screaming), allergies etc
Symptoms are typically dry throat, difficulty with swallowing, painful sensation in the throat, hoarse or muffled voice, swollen tonsils on looking into the mouth etc
Treatment for sore throat depends on the…

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