Daily Health Tips: What Causes Early Greying Of The Hair?


Q: Good evening Doc. Please, can you explain what causes early greying of the hair and what can be done to reverse it? Thanks
A: Happy New Year, y’all!
Thanks for writing in.
Hmmm, this is a question we all wish we had answers to! I noticed my first smattering of grey hair a couple of years ago and because I had just taken on a new role with loads of responsibilities, everyone believed it was due to stress. I think my hair dresser noticed it before I did  She wanted to pull it out (it was just a single strand at that time) but I was having none of it 😀 I wanted it right there. I felt it was my badge of honour; it spoke to things I had been through and conquered. And so, I kept it…and it has now become a smattering of about 50…

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