#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Palate Sores

Q: Dr. what causes palate sores?
A: There are a couple of ailments that can cause sores in the mouth and of course, the roof of the mouth called the palate. They include:
Fever blisters known as cold sores can cause this and the pain associated with this condition is worse when hot, spicy or acidic foods like lemon are taken. They are mostly found around the lips. These sores are contagious but most times clear up without the need for medication. Sometimes, antiviral drugs are administered.
Canker sores are not contagious but just like fever blisters, most times, they disappear without any definitive treatment within a week.

Infections of the mouth (viral, fungal or bacterial), deficiency of minerals, smoking etc are some factors that may causes sores in the mouth and subsequent pain in the roof of the mouth.
To reduce the pain of this or prevent its happening, try these:
• Reduce your intake of foods that precipitate this like spicy or acidic foods
• Reduce your stress levels as this could precipitate conditions like fever blister
• Quit smoking
• Avoid medications that appear to trigger this
• Swishing milk around in your mouth or gargling with cool or salty water is also helpful in dealing with the pain
If these do not work or you find the symptoms worsening, develop a fever or perhaps develop find it difficult to swallow, please see your doctor immediately.
All the best!

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