#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: How Can I Stop Menstrual Pain?

Q: How are you? How can I completely stop menstruation pains? I have abdominal pain, back pain, headache, commuting during menstruation. I am not yet a mother and I am in my 30s. Please help me.

A: Menstrual cramps can take the very joy out of living…at the time you have them.

Cramps usually occur as the uterus tries to get rid of the foreign body, in this case, blood within it. Cramps appear, sometimes, to be more of an issue for some girls than the actual menstruation itself. For most girls, in the first few years of starting their periods, they usually do not have cramps and when these cramps eventually start showing up, they usually last for a few days.

How do we relieve menstrual pain?

Anticipate the pain before it actually arrives by taking some analgesics in the same class as ibuprofen called NSAIDs. These drugs have to be taken with food because they can cause peptic ulcer and so it is important NEVER to start using them without confirming from your doctor that this is fine for you.

Avoid foods that contain caffeine, salty foods, alcohol, smoking and sugary foods. You’ve probably heard the story about alcohol being a great idea during periods…I’m just not sure whether it’s meant to put you in a stupor so you don’t really feel the pain or for some other reason. I can tell you though that it helps you none, during your period Focus on complex carbohydrates during this period (and other times too: whole grains, fruits and vegetables)

Rest up when you need it and you could also use a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen.

Drinking warm fluids and exercising are also very helpful.

Remember to maintain the greatest sense of hygiene during this period (bath at least twice, change sanitary towels and panties often and ensure you smell nice….just don’t pour the whole bottle of perfume over yourself. That makes it smell like you’ve got a secret you’re hiding :D)

Usually after having had a baby, the cramps from period totally disappear or reduce significantly. In other instances though, it may be a good idea to see your doctor as fibroids and some other conditions can make menstrual cramps really painful and heavy.

If self-help remedies do not work, please see your doctor to get checked out and rule out other causes of severe menstrual pain like endometriosis, a situation where some tissue of the womb/uterus grow outside of the uterus or fibroids.

I hope y’all had a great day?l 😀

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