Daily health tip…safe heels?


Yesterday, after my post on shoe shopping, someone asked me about the effects of wearing very high heels! That was like a blow below the belt! I love my heels! I am petite (that’s fancy grammar for vertically challenged or not very tall. I draw the line at using the ‘s’ word :D). I also walk like a soldier (no kidding) whenever I wear flats…no regard to finesse et al! I probably missed all those classes where catwalks were taught (sigh!). So how do I live without my heels; I’d be looking up to everybody!!! But more seriously, the question is ‘are heels good for your feet or not?’

Truth is high heels can create deformities by altering the normal shape of the foot, can cause problems with your Achilles tendon (the prominent tendon at the back of the ankle), cause foot pain and increase the possibility of sprains and…

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