Baby in the tummy; it’s all up to mummy…is it?

Q: Hello Dr. Ketch. I have some questions to ask…in my breasts there’s something like water coming out and I have mood swings, I hate my fiancé’s child a lot and the next thing I laugh with him…is it possible that I’m pregnant?


Do you remember your first pregnancy? This question is directed at the ladies (obviously :D). We know how all the pains and stress of pregnancy melted away once we held our babies. I remember mine very vividly.To start with, I had no idea I was pregnant. I was doing my house job/internship then and I worked in the Emergency Room (ER). This particular ER was extremely busy, a lot of times and specifically at this time in question. So, I couldn’t afford the distraction of a fever…because that was what I kept experiencing. Fever and that peculiarly Nigerian symptom of internal heat J. I shrugged it off and kept going. But these symptoms were going nowhere! It worsened such that when I smelt perfume, I would throw up and I had this absolutely disgusting taste in my mouth. Sounds like malaria, yes? Well, I freely confess to not being the…

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