Daily Health Tips: When Should My Husband Stop Bathing Our Daughter?

To round off the post of yesterday, I share a related post…


Q: Thanks Dr Ketch for all your advice. Please, at what age should my hubby stop bathing my daughter? She is 6yrs old now. During the week, we leave home early and so we help each other because we don’t want to have a house help and most times he helps with bathing the children.

A: Hmmm! Very valid question! You guys are getting into interesting territories! Important territories, too 😀

This issue actually goes both ways and indeed, the question should also be asked about when mothers should stop bathing their sons.
Children need their privacy and sooner than later may feel the need to voice out their need for this. I’m sure the husband in this case does not fall into this category but stories of parents sexually abusing their children also exist. We need to also be mindful of this…sad but true.

By the time a child…

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