Daily Health Tips: Is It Okay To Sell My Eggs To Raise Money For My Business?


Q: Good day Doctor. Please, is it true that one can sell her eggs and make big money out of it? Is it safe and true? Someone told me this last year but I was so scared because I don’t know if they are using it for ritual. If it is true, let me know because I need money to start a business of my own. I don’t have a job. Thanks and God bless you. Please notify me when posted.

A: I couldn’t resist a smile when I read this. I have no doubt that you’re Nigerian. We relate most things to the presence of or possibility of jazz (ritual)! 😀 Okay! More seriously…can you sell your eggs? Yes…if you meet certain criteria which include:

• Aged between 18 to 35 years
• Have both ovaries
• Be normal weight with a good Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Not…

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