#HLWDK World Health Day 2017: Universal Health Coverage

Today is December 12th – the day set aside to mark Universal Health Coverage


7th April of every year marks the World Health Day. This year, the theme of the celebration is ‘Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere’

Do you know what universal health coverage means? It means that you (yes you!) have the right to receive good quality health services when you need it without getting into financial difficulties. This sounds like one of those high-sounding WHO declarations that mean nothing to you in your small corner of the world. But guess what?! This applies to you. Your government agreed to it, signed off on it and indeed declared that it would ensure that 15% of its budget was dedicated to health so that you will not have to suffer any financial difficulty in choosing to access care or worse still have to choose between certain death and financial ruin when you fall ill.

So, how can you ensure that in Nigeria (and…

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