#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Pain At Site Of Surgery

Q: Good day Doctor !!!! Its been one year I delivered my baby through C-section and it’s still painful and itchy especially if I sit for a long time. Sometimes when it’s cold I have the pain. Also there is this injection which they give when going for c- section – since then I have pain at my back and I cannot bend for a long time I have to struggle or hold something to get up because of the pain. Please help!!!

A: Congratulations on your baby!

Each episode of childbirth is different from the other and same is also true for surgery. Is it normal to feel pain during a C-section? Not really. You shouldn’t feel pain. However, some women who had epidural or spinal anaesthesia (injections given in or around the spine to block pain) would describe the tugging and pressure felt when pulling out the baby as pain.

Again, recovery after surgery differs from person to person and indeed, from one episode to the other in the same person. It could range from a couple of weeks to months. If you do feel that your recovery is abnormally delayed, please be sure to discuss this with your doctor.

So, please go and visit your doctor and let him/her examine you and determine the problem.

All the best!

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