Daily Health Tips: Pain On My ‘Tail Bone’ After Delivery.


Q: Dear Doc, I started having serious pain at my tail bone some days after my baby’s delivery, what can I do?

A: The tail bone is called the coccyx and it is made up of about 2 or 3 fused bones. This coccyx can get bruised, ‘fractured’ or ‘dislocated’ during childbirth especially if you had a big baby or had a small pelvic outlet as the joints between these bones break open. This pain can be excruciating when you attempt to sit down in instances where the joint does not heal.

What can you do? Try lying on your side. When you have to sit, try sitting upright. This may be helpful or not. If not helpful, try sitting on a pillow or a doughnut shaped pillow…a good alternative is the travel pillow worn on the neck when travelling.
A sitz bath is also a great idea. It’s a…

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