ATBGS Blog: Fake It Till You Make It!

It’s amazing how the people who you believe have got it all together, struggle the most with their self image and self-confidence. When my daughter was in secondary school, I would sometimes tell parents of new students how my daughter cried so much when I first took her to boarding school, in order to encourage them to believe that ‘this too shall pass’. But they would always look at me in disbelief. That’s because at that time, she had been both head girl of junior school and senior school in rapid succession and she was the voice of wisdom to everyone going through a tough time! So, who would believe it?! She looked like she understood why she was in school and was willing to do the work needed to graduate well. And she did! Class valedictorian! I was super proud!

Who would understand the battle she fought all through primary school and up to secondary school, to become comfortable in her own skin? She attended three different schools within the space of two years (between nursery and primary school) and every time she started afresh, she had to play catch-up. It was like she had to beg to join groups, cliques and established friendships. It was hell for her…but even more for me, her mother watching from the sideline but encouraging her to find her own ‘truth’. It took a lot of prayers (yes people! Prayers work ), hands-on parenting, confidence-building et al to get to the confident young woman I see today! But every time there’s a move to a new environment, it’s almost like having to reinforce those lessons and thankfully, she does so herself now!

I couldn’t understand it when that popular comedian, Robin Williams, committed suicide! He looked like he was living the life everyone wanted. But sometimes, deep inside, people struggle…to wake up in the morning, to move on after that failure, to get up after that fall, to succeed after being told it was not possible. The list goes on and on!

This post here, is a personal account of a young lady, my daughter Beejay! It amazes me how she is always able to be so real even when she faces adversity! I learn so much from her and you will too, when you read this post!

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