#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Help! I’m Not Ovulating!

Q: Doctor please help me; I am not ovulating

A: Hey! Thanks for writing in.

How do you know this? Typically, the ovaries in females release an egg every month. If this does not get fertilized, the womb which had been getting ready to receive a fertilized egg, sheds its thickened lining. The release of an egg stimulates the production of the hormone, progesterone. This hormone is mostly responsible for keeping periods regular. But in some instances, a mature egg is not released regularly on a monthly basis and sometimes, no egg is released at all…meaning no ovulation. In this case, progesterone is not produced and the cycle is either erratic or bleeding, heavy.

This kind of cycle, known as anovular cycle, is quite common in adolescent girls especially in the first year after they start menstruating. Other causes of anovular cycle include hormonal disorders, obesity, weight loss, thyroid problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hirsutism and pituitary problems. So, if you believe you are not ovulating, please see your gynaecologist for a thorough check.

If you do have an anovular cycle, treatment options include lifestyle changes (focused on eating healthy, weight loss, exercise, stress management etc), medications to induce ovulation or to regulate menstruation and surgical (to remove part of the ovaries and restore hormonal balance)

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