#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: How Long Does It Take The Cervix To Heal?

Q: Good morning Doc. Thanks for all your lectures. When I gave birth to my baby three years ago, I had a tear in my cervix which led to them stitching my cervix and after reading the write up  that injuries in cervix may lead to miscarriage, I want to know how long it takes the cervix to heal and if the miscarriage can still occur once I get pregnant. Thanks

A: Cervical tears are usual with precipitate labour/delivery because the rapidly descending baby’s head does not give the mother’s tissues time to stretch to accommodate the baby’s head. With these tears, there is the possibility of massive bleeding and of course, infection from the oftentimes, less than sterile conditions at delivery. There really should not be any problems with getting pregnant again or having the baby, normally. If your obstetrician feels that you need to have your cervix sutured (cervical cerclage) when you’re pregnant again, then that will also help prevent problems like miscarriage.

Typically, the cervix returns to its normal size within about one week and takes another four to six weeks to recover and heal from the effects of labour and delivery

How soon can you start trying for another baby? There are different schools of thought. Lots of studies have shown that there is nothing gained by waiting before trying again but World Health Organization suggests waiting at least six months before starting on that path. The latter advice may very well give your body time to heal before getting pregnant again. However, discuss this with your obstetrician who will be in the best position to advice.

All  the best!

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