#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Preventing The Embarrassing Stain Of An Unexpected Period

Five top tips to prevent the embarrassing stain of an unexpected period
• Always use a panty liner…this stops the stain from passing through.
This may not be appropriate for a heavy flow, but because your period doesn’t get heavy all at once, this could be a useful stop gap.
• Keep count of your cycle…useful for those who have a regular cycle.
If you know your regular cycle, you would have an idea when to expect your monthly visitor. Always mark down the first day of your cycle and keep count of the duration of the period. Ensure that you know the time between periods.
• Ensure you have an emergency stash of sanitary towel stored in your bag
If you have an emergency stash of sanitary towels, then you won’t be caught unawares. Make sure you keep it in a secret compartment of your bag away from prying eyes.
• Wash out the blood stains with cold water and salt.
Despite all our best efforts, we do get stained sometimes. Use cold water and salt, if you like. They are very good for getting out blood stains. Then use your favourite detergent
• Try not to use tissue paper. Tissue is not usually recommended for menstrual flow because it can cause irritation between your legs and can also leave bits and pieces of tissue in you, which may become the site of an infection.
Now you can go ahead and have fun knowing that even if your period starts now, we got you covered.
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