#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Basic Rules of Hygiene For The New Mother

Are you a new mum still amazed at the fact that you have been blessed with such an awesome bundle of joy bit also wondering how you can keep it all together and not make mistakes? Are you also wondering what rules of hygiene to observe and how to let other people politely understand your hygiene rules for your baby? Well, we all have those questions. Let’s give you our top hygiene tips to get you and baby on the right road to health.

  • As much as practicable, wash your hands before picking up your baby. This ensures that you’re not transferring germs from the outdoors or anywhere else you’re coming from the baby.
  • Wash your hands after a diaper change. This should be done routinely after every diaper change be it that your baby urinated or pooed. This ensures that you are not transferring germs from your baby’s diapers to food or even other people when you pat, hug or dress them after a diaper change.
  • Encourage visitors to wash their hands before picking up the baby. You can keep a bottle of sanitizer by the side to encourage this hygienic practice if hand wshing is not practicable at that time.
  • Keep a flannel on your shoulder when you carry your baby on your shoulder. You know how children love to suck every surface that comes in contact with their lips. Well don’t let that surface be your shoulder. Imagine all the germs and bacteria that have been deposited there all day. You don’t want them ending up in your baby’s tummy.
  • Pack and disinfect baby’s rattles and toys at least once a day to ensure that when they play with them, they are clean.

Spend time bonding with the baby. This is not just for mummies…daddies also need to bond with the babies and get the baby on to a great emotionally sound start in life.

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