#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Help Me Understand This Scan Result!

Q: Please ma’am, my wife went for a pregnancy scan and came home with this result. Can you please help me understand it? 1. A relatively bulky, gravid and anterverted uterus. 2. Endometrial cavity harbors a well-defined gestation sac. A fetal pole (with cardiac motion) and a yolk sac are noted within. 3. Homogeneous myometrial echotexture; nil fibroid mass. 4. A 25mmx28mm right corpus leutem is noted. 5.CRL=14mm. 6.AVG.GA=7weeks5days. 7. FHR=159BPM. IMPRESSION. 1. Intact early cyesis. 2. cervix is closed. thanks. I am hoping for a quick reply.

A: The uterus being bulky means that it’s bigger than the usual pre-pregnancy state. It could be due to any number of reasons. The scan tells us the uterus is gravid, meaning, pregnancy is the reason.

Gestational sac is the first sign of pregnancy seen on ultrasound and it encompasses the embryo (baby) and the amniotic fluid (the fluid that surrounds the baby in the womb). The presence of a fetal pole with cardiac motion confirms there is a fetus (baby) in the womb and it is alive and well J

A homogenous myometrial echo-texture signifies a womb that is normal and free of any lump like a fibroid.

In a woman of child bearing age, an egg forms and matures within a follicle found within the ovary. During ovulation, the egg is released and the follicle transforms into a structure called the corpus luteum. If fertilization and pregnancy occurs, the corpus luteum maintains the pregnancy by secreting hormones.

The CRL (crown rump length) is used to date the pregnancy. Your wife’s pregnancy appears to be 7 weeks and 5 days – almost 2 months old

The FHR is the fetal heart rate – 159 beats per minute.

The impression made by the sonologist is intact early pregnancy. A closed cervix is good and normal in pregnancy. People with incompetent (open) cervix are more likely to lose their pregnancies.

So, congratulations and all the best to you and wifey! 😀



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