#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Pregnancy Worries

Q: Good evening Dr. Thanks for the advice you have been giving. I’ve got a question: is it safe to have sex while pregnant with or not the baby daddy?
A: Hello dear. Thanks for writing in.
Are you asking whether sex during pregnancy should be with the baby’s daddy?:D Absolutely! Please ensure that sex is only with the baby’s daddy…and no one else! 😀 Okay…just pulling your legs 🙂
Sex is generally considered safe during pregnancy. Except the doctor has noted some medical issues that may cause some restrictions on sexual intercourse, couples can generally continue to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy.
Having said that, it doesn’t mean that every woman wants to indulge Unfortunately, no. Some women do experience increased libido, some decreased libido and some are just completely exhausted by their itinerary (wife, worker, sister, daughter, intending mother, worries about the pregnancy or intending birth, care of already existing children, if she has them etc) that sex is the farthest thing on their minds, most times. So, where’s the solution or compromise? Communication lines between couples have to be open. The husband needs to understand what’s going on in the mind and body of his wife. Providing emotional and tangible support by helping her out with some chores/activities, providing a daily evening massage….which becomes something wifey can look forward to, can help create the right mood. Remember that for women, sexual Intercourse starts from the emotional before it gets to the physical 🙂 Couples can also explore other means of sexual intimacy apart from sexual intercourse.
Some issues that may cause a doctor to issue some restrictions on sexual activity include:
• Threat of a miscarriage
• History of pre-term labour
• Unexplained bleeding in pregnancy
• Cervical incompetence (where the mouth of the womb is open leading to a risk of miscarriage) etc
If you’re not sure whether you belong to any of these groups or not, please ask your obstetrician.
Now, there also some risky activities during sexual intercourse in pregnancy:
• If you indulge in oral sex, hubby please do not blow into your wife’s vagina as this can lead to an air bubble being lodged in a blood vessel causing problems in mother and/or baby
• Having STI with an infected partner can lead to STI in pregnant mum. This infection can be transmitted to the baby. So, hubbies be sure that you stay faithful
• Anal sex is also discouraged.
Some have asked the question, ‘what if my pregnant wife gets pregnant again?’ Well, theoretically, this Is not possible because during pregnancy ovulation is supposed not to occur. Essentially, for pregnancy to happen, an egg was fertilized and once this happens, there’s a signal that goes to the ovary stopping it from releasing eggs since clearly, there’s no more need 🙂 In some rare cases, however, after pregnancy has occurred, the ovary still releases an egg which ends up being fertilized leading to pregnancy in an already pregnant woman. This situation is called super-fertation. However, the incidence of this is very rare that it is not considered standard practice to tell pregnant couples to avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy to avoid this. In fact, there appear to be just about 10 documented cases worldwide.
All the best 🙂
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