#HLWDK It’s International Women’s Day 2018

It’s International Women’s Day! And today, the theme is Press For Progress!

Today I celebrate my sisters! Today, I celebrate all women!

I celebrate this woman…yes you!


The one who cries herself to sleep at night…so her children won’t see her tears;

The one who starves herself just so there’s enough for others to eat…and when you ask her why she didn’t eat, she says she wasn’t hungry anyway;

The one whose salary is spent, even before the money hits her bank account, not because she’s buying things for herself, but because she’s paying off debts or saving for that child to have a little extra;

The one who holds it all together, even when it looks like it’s all falling apart…

Yes, you! I celebrate you!


The one who has great ambitions and the world judges her for it because she’s a woman and not a man;

The one who has to deal with snide remarks when she’s seen as ambitious, even when the world admires the same traits in a man;

The one who is consistently under pressure to prove that she is as good as the ‘guys’ and yet oftentimes, she’s paid less than the ‘boys’;

Yes, you!


Your time has come!

No more shall you hide in the shadows

Arise and shine for your light has come

Your success will not be handed to you…no that would be too easy 😀

You will fight for it;

And you will win;

Because after this hard-won battle, we will not allow anyone to say, it was because of anything other than sheer smarts and grits

Then, you will pave the way for another sister!

And we shall all in unison say, ‘Never again shall we be looked down upon!’

It is our time…we arise and shine!

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