Hygiene is two thirds of health!


Who would believe a thing like that? Like…seriously? Isn’t this like taking the cliche ‘an ounce of prevention is better than an ounce of care’ too far? Or perhaps the more commonly known ‘prevention is better than cure’? But guess what? It is true…so true that it is amazing the number of diseases that are spread by the very lack of this ‘common sense’ virtue, if I may pre-suppose to call it that.

A few weeks ago in May, the World Hand washing Day was celebrated and it was an opportunity to further WHO’s campaign of ‘save lives…wash your hands’. Studies have shown how the introduction of simple hygiene like just washing of hands has been able to halve the prevalence of childhood illnesses like diarrhoea and respiratory infections. This clearly means that our hygiene status plays a significant role in determining our health and even the health of others…

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