#HLWDK Home-made Pineapple Drink!

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Hello everyone! Have you ever tried your hands at making your own home-made drinks? I鈥檓 sure you have. A lot of people make Zobo drink at home and a couple of other people make smoothies. Today, I鈥檒l add to your treasure trove of home-made drinks 馃榾 What do you do with do with the pineapple peel/skin after eating the juicy fruit? Throw it away? Well you shouldn鈥檛. You can use it to make pineapple drink. How? 路 Wash and peel your pineapple 路 I鈥檓 sure you know what to do with the juicy pineapple inside 馃榾 You eat it, silly! 馃榾 路 Then put the peels inside a pot. You could add some of the juicy pineapple fruit too for that extra concentrated flavour and colour 路 Add enough water to cover the pineapple peels 路 Bring to the boil and then turn the burner off 路 Allow the drink to cool, sieve the pineapple peels out and then sweeten with honey 路 Put in the fridge to cool and then enjoy it! I鈥檝e shared some pictures of the drink during the making process and on the dining table 馃檪 These pictures are from my dsughter's first try at making this super-delicious drink!

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