Daily Health Tips: Semen Flow Back Re-Visited

Q: I really appreciate your effort towards answering our medical questions… I got married 6 months back and I have been experiencing sperm reflux. What are the causes and how can I treat or control it? Thanks in anticipation


Q: Good day Dr. Please, whenever my wife and I have sex, all the sperm flows out immediately she leaves the bed. What’s the cause and solution?

A: I’ve received this question in various forms from men and women alike and so it must mean that this is an important issue for a lot of people.

Lots of couples wishing to have a baby appear to believe that semen flowing out of the vagina signifies a problem and so, they do different things to stop this including, raising the female partner’s legs in the air or even performing a cycling motion. None of these need to be done, really.

A man’s ejaculate is made up of more than just sperm cells. The sperm count in ejaculate (which should be about half to 2 teaspoons in volume) is any number from 20million to several hundreds of millions! That’s a lot of…

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