Still On Leftovers….

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Still on leftovers…. What do you do when you come back on Friday evening and have absolutely no energy to cook, but you're hungry? Worse still is that you broke all good nutrition rules and skipped breakfast and lunch because you were suoer busy! (Yeah…iot haopens to the best of us, sometines!) Look in the refrigerator and see what you have, right? I found some already cooked pasta (from last weekend) some diced carrots, green pepper and cabbage. And so, I warmed up the pasta. Brought out some minced meat I had in the freezer and made that lovely looking sauce. The remainder of the veggies, I used as coleslaw….quite small and does look a little sad in that corner of the plate! 😀 Recipe for sauce: Heat up a tablespoon of olive oil (or whatever oil you have) Add the minced meat. Srirfry until the meat is done (colour should be brownish). You csn also use diced/cut up chicken breast. Add the diced carrots, green pepper, onions, red ppper. Stir-fry for about 2 minutes (I like to feel some crunch in my veggies) Season with spices and salt (remember a little salt goes a long way) To thicken slightly, mix a tablespoon of cornflour in water and add to the sauce. Cook for one more minute and your dinner is served. #leftovers #healthyliving #healthylivingwithdrketch #saturdayrecipes

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