#HLWDK Saturday Recipe: Banana Fritters Using Plantains/Bananas That Have Gone Soft

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Hello y'all! Trust you had a great week! Woke up this morning quite hungry! Wondering what to eat and was confronted by the sight of this big bunch of plantains I bought some weeks back. They took their sweet time getting ripe…and by then, my ever-hungry brood had gone back to school! So, it's either 'condemn' myself to a lifetime of plantains for breakfast, lunch and dinner or do something else. Here's what I did..I made banana fritters. I took a couple of the plantains (by the way, you can also use bananas) and blended them up. You can also mash them. Added milk, eggs and a mix of flour and oats. Given how sweet the plantains are, you really don't.need sugar…but I'm sure some of you will still add some 😀 That's fine. Just don't go overboard! For a standard recipe, you'll need 2 medium sized very ripe plantains/bananas (soft) 1 cup of flour 1 cup of oats (you can skip this and use 2 cups of flour. This is healthier though) 3 eggs 1 cup of milk (if you use powdered milk, mix with water and make up to a cup) 2 teaspoons baking powder (this is optional. I actually didn't use it in my recipe) Mash/blend bananas. Add all other ingredients and whisk. Put your frying pan on the lit burner. Allow the oil to get hot and then fry up your fritters in batches. That's it! You'll never again throw away soft bananas/plantains! Try it out and let me know how it goes. #leftovers #healthyliving #healthylivingwithdrketch #comfortfood #saturdayrecipes

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