Daily Health Tips: My Husband Complains Of ‘The’ Smell


Q: Good evening Doctor. Any time I am having sex with my husband, he complains that he is perceiving an odour from my vagina. What is the cause and the remedy to the odour? Thanks

Some degree of vaginal odour is common with all women. The vagina has a natural musky smell. In the same way, some degree of discharge is also normal as the glands in the vagina and cervix produce fluid which wash away dry, dead cells and flush out bacteria. A strong vaginal odour which appears different from normal especially when associated with other symptoms like a burning sensation, itching, discharge etc may be suggestive of a problem…some more easily solved than others.

For instance:
Poor vaginal hygiene. This can be easily remedied by washing the vagina daily with or without soap (if soap is used, unscented or mildly scented soap should be used) and loads of…

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