Daily Health Tips: Crossed Eyes

Q: Good morning doctor, please how much does a strabismus surgery cost in Nigeria and where can it be done?


Q: Good evening, Doctor. Is there any cure for strabismus in Nigeria?

A: Strabismus (also called crossed eyes or squint) is a condition in which the eyes are not aligned when looking at an object. In this condition, as one eye looks forward, the other eye may turn upwards or downwards or look inwards. Strabismus could be congenital (where the child is born with it) or could develop before the age of 5 years. In these instances, it could happen as the child tries to deal with long or short-sightedness. It can also be seen for the first time in adults and would usually be due to an underlying disease condition like stroke.

Strabismus can lead to double vision in adults or lazy eye in children as they try to suppress vision from the affected eye. The head may be tilted in abnormal positions as they try to focus.


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