Daily Health Tips: All About Breastfeeding


Q: Hello Dr. How many years/months should a mother breast her baby? Thanks

A: A mother should breastfeed her baby with breast milk ONLY for the first six months. After that, she can add other foods while still breastfeeding her baby. She should actually continue breastfeeding until the baby is 2 years old.

Q: Hello Doctor Ketch please I need your help! I have a 3 months old baby. I stopped breast feeding her because I had a very big boil on my breast! After the boil was treated I wanted to try breast feeding her again but it just was not flowing. At the moment it’s dried up! I’m worried! What can I do for my breast milk to flow well so I can continue breast feeding her?! I feel so bad knowing that I can’t breast feed her! Please reply me soonest!

To respond to this question, I…

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