#HLWDK Community Circle

Hello Healthy Living Nation!  I hope you’ve had a great day so far!

Starting from this weekend, we will dedicate our weekends to ‘Community Circle’. This essentially will see us catching up with one another especially as regards major life events. Major life events can be a source of joy and/or depression. And so, when we take time out to celebrate one another, we make somebody’s day extra special…..and hopefully, that person pays it forward.

So, on Sundays, I will be posting pictures of y’all  Birthdays (you, your spouse or baby), weddings, births of babies (especially for our first time mothers) etc. So, be sure to send them in to the inbox. You have to make a post about what made your event special/sad/why it stood out for you. This will help other people identify with your story.

On Saturdays, I will post relationship questions/issues. Over time, I have been receiving quite a number of questions on relationship issues. I have tried to stay away from answering them  but, the truth is that relationship issues affect mental/emotional/social health and really form part of wellness. However, when I receive those posts, we will put them up on the page and encourage other people to respond to them. Practical experiences and examples are likely to help more than anything I can say. Please be reminded that this is a safe place and so we don’t want you judging people and their issues. If you do, we will have to delete your comment  

Enjoy the rest of your day 

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