Daily Health Tips: Prevention of Cross-Contamination of Food

Some handy tips for you today as you go grocery shopping this weekend!


Hello everyone! Merry Christmas!!!

AS we all race around town trying to get the last of the Christmas shopping done, please be sure to prevent cross-contamination of food.

Harmful bacteria can pass to raw foods to other food produce some of which we even eat raw. These germs may not cause much harm to adults but could cause very serious infections in children and other people with fragile immune systems.

Let’s give you our top tips for preventing cross-contamination while shopping.
•    If you go to the open market, be sure to go with enough shopping bags. That way you can separate your raw meats/fish from your other foods.
•    If you shop in grocery stores, separate the foods in the shopping cart. You could use the shopping carts that have two baskets. Use one for your fish and meats and use the other for your other foods.
•    When…

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