#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Diet For HIV

Q: What kind of food that you must eat when you’re H.I.V positive.


A: Thanks for writing in.


Being diagnosed with HIV does not have to be seen as the end of the world. Here are a couple of tips on how to keep you healthy:


  • First ensure that you are taking your medications regularly. See your doctor as often as required and be sure to discuss any issues you have.


  • Diet: Aim to eat a balanced diet in the right portions. If you’re not eating enough, your doctor may prescribe some supplements to ensure your body receives the right nourishment.
    • Eat a lot of fruits and veggies. They have anti-oxidants that help boost the immune system
    • Focus on white meat and lean protein. Trim off fat from beef or chicken. Fish is very good. Include dairy products too.
    • Aim for quality carbs like complex carbs. Good examples are wheat, brown rice, oats. Limit the amount of foods high in refined sugar that you consume. You want your energy source to come from nutritional foods.
    • Use healthy fats when cooking. Olive oil is a good example but I always hasten to add that even this should be taken in moderation as it is filled with calories. Other heart healthy oils can be found in nuts and avocado
    • Stay hydrated by drinking sufficient amounts of water.
  • Exercise: This improves heart health, builds your bones and also helps you burn fat. For those who lose significant muscle bulk due to the disease, this can help you add to the bulk. Be guided by your doctor as to the extent of your fitness regimen.

Generally, keep a positive disposition. Create goals, if you never had them and work towards them. Remember that having this infection is no longer the death sentence it used to be. With the right care and loads of common sense (to avoid situations that can lead to infections like even poor kitchen hygiene), you can live to a ripe old age.


All the best!


Have great night y’all 😀


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