Daily Health Tips: Still On Staph…

Q: Good evening Dr. Ketch, thank you for the good work. Please I will like to know if Staph is indeed a stubborn infection that can rarely be treated once. And is it possible that someone can know immediately it is contacted. What is the best way to treat it? Thank you.
A: The last time I answered this question, I took a sampling of about 7 or 8 questions…asking the same thing: what do I do about Staph? Well, the questions are building up again, so I guess it’s time to post this again.


Q1: Hello ma’am, thanks for your teaching. Please, I have some issues bothering me. I did HVS and urine mcs. Both showed that I have heavy growth of Staph and moderate growth of candida but I’m surprised about the level of the Staph because I’ve been abstaining from sex for about a year now. My question now is, is Staph being contacted only through sex and what is the best treatment for it? But currently I’m on Rocephine injection. Thanks ma’am

Q2: Good day doctor, please I would like to know which is more productive in treating Staph that has lasted for some years: the English or native medicine? Note: I have tried the English medicine and it didn’t work

Q3: Hello Doc. I have followed your updates and advice overtime and really appreciate your efforts at contributing to the wellness of people. My challenge is Staph which I have…

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