Don’t fall for these skin myths – Harvard Health

If you’ve ever wondered about the relationship (or none) between chocolates/oily foods and pimples, whether massaging the scalp prevents baldness or if crossing your legs can cause varicose veins, you should read this!

Have a good night y’all šŸ˜€

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2 Responses to Don’t fall for these skin myths – Harvard Health

  1. Our health is our own. Thin people pop their clogs at 30 just like a 70 yr old. A man in Brooklyn who was 112 yrs old was asked what he ate. “In the morning I have a cup of coffee,then I make myself fried bread from the fat back bacon”. He was asked why does he uses fat back and not ordinary bacon and he said,”Because it is not fat enough”, so much for the bacon. What about eggs another no no , and the one that really gets me going is stupid parenting, not breast feeding and giving the child 2% or no fat milk. We need fat to grow nerves our brain everything to grow. In the world of healthy stupidity babies are starving, have scurvy, because the parents want them to be a thin. Extremes that kill both ways.


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