Back-to-school tool kit

Hello y’all 🙂 Hope you’ve had a great day so far.

In keeping with the news of meningitis in town and my post yesterday as to how prevention is the best strategy and how this is easily spread in over-crowded areas, I reproduce below a post I had made some years back educating parents on equipping their children to guide against infections in school. As we celebrate Easter shortly and begin to plan to send the children back soon after, this post is key. It also lists the steps for effective hand washing. Here goes…


It’s time to go back to school and shops that specialize in school uniforms, stationery et al are doing brisk business. Daddies and mummies are digging deep to pay the outrageously exorbitant fees that pass for school fees these days (please forgive me if you own a school. I’m actually ‘seriously’ considering starting one myself :D). Anyways, as they say, ‘better soup, na money kill am!’ For the benefit of my ‘aje-butter’ friends, that means that (the) quality (of a soup) is determined by the funds committed (or in the soup case, the funds that went into procuring the ingredients). Okay…certainly long winded, but I kinda guess the meaning came across, yes? Stay with me (and bear with me :)); I’m aging so I tend to use 10 words where 2 could have worked! 😀

The weather appears to be changing too…it appears the rains are upon us again. I…

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