Daily Health Tips: Can IUD Reduce My Blood Pressure?

Q: Please, I will like to know if the Iud (coil) family planning that I did is the cause of my low blood pressure (90) and I checked my sugar level last two weeks and it was 130. The person said it’s not good at all. Please, I will like to know. Thanks and God bless you
A:Thanks for writing in.
The first comment I would like to make is that you must ensure that you get information from your healthcare team about any procedure you plan to embark on. You need information as to what to expect, benefits, disadvantages, side effects etc. Please always request this information. Before the decision of a contraceptive is taken, the client (you in this instance) should have been properly counselled and other options available also explored. This ensures that you understand everything about all the methods available and can take an informed decision about the option you prefer. I am a bit worried that this didn’t happen here and perhaps is the reason why you have these questions.
Again, the readings you presented are not qualified. The 90 mentioned, is that the top figure (systolic blood pressure) or the lower figure (diastolic blood pressure)? It is low if it’s the top figure but high if it’s the bottom figure. Then, the blood sugar, was it fasting, 2 hours after meal or just random? Having said this, the IUD coil can affect blood pressure, However, instead of reducing it, it may lead to an increase in blood pressure. It could also affect blood glucose tolerance.
I suggest you return to your doctor to discuss the specific IUD inserted for you and the potential side effects. In the meantime, please click on the link below for more on this subject: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2016/08/26/daily-health-tips-how-long-should-my-iud-stay-in/
I hope this helps.
Have a goodnight, everyone 😀
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