Daily Health Tips: Does Lemon Prevent Pregnancy Or Cause Miscarriage?

Q: Good day madam and happy New Year. Can drink of lemon prevent pregnancy for someone still looking unto God for child or cause miscarriage and weaken the womb to carry baby? Thanks ma’am

A: Thanks for writing in. This is a very interesting question.

To prepare for pregnancy, some lifestyle habits can help:

  • Healthy choices in terms of diet (practice portion control, eat lots of fruits and veggies etc), keeping a healthy weight (try and stay within your BMI)
  • Exercise most days a week for at least 30 minutes,
  • Manage your stress etc
  • Folic acid supplements are also great as they help protect baby from defects in their neural tubes (spinal cord)
  • Having sexual intercourse closer to the time of ovulation may be helpful in increasing chances of pregnancy. Does this also increase the chances of having a baby boy or girl? Despite ‘claims’ that male chromosomes swim faster, there’s no guarantee that having sexual intercourse on any particular day, ovulation or otherwise, increases the chance of pregnancy with either sex. This matter is solely in God’s domain except sex selection is done as can happen for some IVF patients.
  • Stay off alcohol and smoking

You would observe that I have not asked you to stay off lemons 😀 This is because it does not affect your chances of pregnancy.

For miscarriage, unfortunately, often times, the cause may not be identified. Having said that though, first trimester miscarriages are mainly due to problems with the baby/fetus. These problems could be due to problems with the placenta. This is how the baby receives its nutrients in the womb and so, if this organ cannot deliver, a miscarriage might occur. There may also be a problem with the baby’s chromosomes, such that a baby may receive too many or too few genetic materials or there may be a damaged egg/sperm. Other associated risk factors include smoking and drinking alcohol, being overweight or underweight, malnutrition, increased maternal age, trauma, drug abuse and chronic conditions like diabetes.

Conditions that do NOT lead to miscarriage include taking lemony drinks 🙂 Taking too much of it can hurt your teeth or make heart burn worse, especially in pregnancy. Where in doubt, always consult your doctor.

Have a great weekend, y’all 😀



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