Daily Health Tips: Hormone Imbalance

Q: Hello Doctor, my wife is 27 yes old and cannot conceive after a number of visits to the gynaecologists, we’re told everything is fine except hormonal imbalance. We’ve bought every sort of drugs from the chemists but to to avail, we’ve even visited the traditionalists for the herbs, but no success. She can go for many months, like 7or 8 without experiencing menses, how do you assist?

A: A collection of tissues called the endocrine system is responsible for the production of hormones which control various functions in the body like metabolism, sexual reproduction, mood etc. Sometimes, these hormones are produced in excessive or too little amounts throwing the whole body off.

Treatment of hormonal imbalance is dependent on the cause. Excess weight can lead to high estrogen levels. So, exercise and weight loss can be beneficial here. High levels of thyroid hormones can be treated with drugs, radioactive iodine or surgery. The stress hormone, cortisol is produced when one is stressed and so treatment is focused on stress management techniques. The hormone, prolactin, which is responsible for lactation in nursing mothers may be produced even when one, is not lactating. Focus here is on reducing this hormone levels as will be described below. So, the doctor has to investigate to find out the exact cause of the imbalance and then treat accordingly.

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