Daily Health Tips: How Do I Clean Up Afterwards?

Q: Good morning Doctor, I would like to find out how do you keep the vagina clean from sperm after intercourse? I got married a virgin so it’s been embarrassing for me to ask anyone this question. The sperm does not come out all at once after intercourse, and becomes smelly as days go by as it comes out in bits. Please help.

A: Congratulations on your wedding and marriage…and don’t be embarrassed to ask. I’m here to answer your supposedly embarrassing questions! 😀 Welcome to a new world.

The sperm, after sexual intercourse travels a loooooong way…trust me, you would not want to wash all the way there. When a man ejaculates, the initial force of that pushes some of the semen a significant way into the vagina. The rest of it flows back. Some sperm cells are retained at the back of the vagina, some make it all the way to the cervix and some others get into the uterus and make the trip into the fallopian tubes to fertilize an egg.

You would want to wash your vagina with disinfectant or perhaps antiseptic soap to make sure that you kill off all the germs and deal with the sperm, right? Wrong!

Some people believe douching is a good way to go. Vaginal douches usually contain water and vinegar. Others have antiseptics and fragrances in addition. These douches are usually sprayed upwards into the vagina to ‘clean’ it up. Apart from destroying the hard-working bacteria which ‘protect’ the ‘intimates’, it can also lead to irritation of the very delicate vaginal skin.

All you need is…clean hands, soap that is not perfumed (if you can tolerate it) and water; c’est finis! Do this after sexual intercourse. It will take care of the semen that flows back after sexual intercourse and if you do this every time you take a bath, you will be fresh all the time 😀


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