Daily Health Tips: Do I Need To Take Medications For Fibroids In Pregnancy?

Q: Doctor hi, am three month pregnant, I had ultra sound where the doctor to noted uterine fibroid measured 2.56*1.7cm. Will it affect my baby, am i going to take medication during pregnancy?

A: Fibroids can co-exist with pregnancy in which case pregnancy may be normal or associated with breech pregnancy, pre-term delivery (delivery of pre-mature babies) etc. However, once a woman registers in a good antenatal center under a good obstetrician, these issues will be anticipated and addressed promptly. Please be sure that you are seeing an obstetrician who will help you during this pregnancy. Many patients with fibroids in pregnancy have normal pregnancies and deliveries.


Some women find out for the first time that they have fibroids when they get pregnant. Most of them cause no problems during pregnancy. However, some of them may act up.


Fibroids during pregnancy are managed conservatively…that is they are not managed aggressively. It’s kind of a wait and see approach. A condition called red degeneration in which the fibroid outgrows its blood supply causing it to turn red and die can occur. This leads to intense abdominal pains and contractions.


Will this pain last forever? Usually it occurs around 12 to 22 weeks of pregnancy and bed rest for a couple of days coupled with pain killers should do the trick. Judicious fluid intake is also advised.

For more on fibroids, please click on this link:https://chatwithdrketch.com/2014/05/29/daily-health-tips-are-there-other-treatment-methods-for-fibroids-other-than-surgery/




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