Eating Right!


If you’re trying to lose weight, maintain your weight or even just saty healthy, eating right is key.

Plant proteins, except soya beans, do not have all essential amino acids. They are called complementary vegetable proteins. Complementary proteins are proteins that lack one or more essential amino acids (building blocks of proteins) required to keep the body functioning properly. This includes most proteins of plant origin except soya beans. When these are paired together, they produce complete proteins.

Here are complementary protein groups with examples:
• Seeds – pumpkin (Egusi) seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds
• Grains – oats, wheat, rice (brown/local), barley, corn (bread, pasta like whole wheat macaroni/spaghetti, dumplings, biscuits)
• Nuts – walnuts (Asala, Awusa), cashews, almonds, pistachios
• Legumes – soy products, beans, peas, peanuts

To be able to plan your meals properly, get the most benefits from your food sources and help you in meal…

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