Daily Health Tips: Hormonal Migraine

Q: Hi Doctor, please I want know the reason why someone gets headache before and after menstruation and how can it be eradicated.

A: Headaches during menstrual periods are referred to as menstrual or hormonal migraines and are due to a drop in the level of estrogen, a hormone. For a headache to be classified as this, it would happen anytime between about 2 days before a menstrual period to about 3 days after the first day of menstrual period. Some of these women find relief during pregnancy as the level of estrogen rises.
To pre-empt this, you can take pain relievers that are also anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen at the start of the period or even about a few days before the start of an expected period until the bleeding stops. If you’re asthmatic or have peptic ulcer disease, this drug is not a safe choice for you.

Be sure to discuss this with your doctor and be guided by him/her.
Have a good night sleep, y’all 😀

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