Announcing our winners!

For week 1 (11th of September, 2016) of our Complan Saturday Challenge, winners are:

Nguveren Unde (from

Joy Obiesie (from facebook)

Temitope Ogundare Babatunde (from facebook)

For week 2 (17th of September, 2016) of our Complan Saturday Challenge, winners are:

Loveday Olisa (from

Joy Obiesie (from

Congratulations to you all! Y’all have won:
A pack of Complan, a beautiful Complan water bottle, A Complan jotter and an information leaflet on Complan. Aren’t y’all lucky?! 😀

Please send in emails to confirming your identity. You will get the details on pick-up of prizes.

Complan ‘Did you know?’ series
Did you know that you could add Complan to your favorite beverage, cereal or just mix in a glass of water for instant nourishment?

Now you know 😀

Want to join the winning team? Stay tuned. This week’s nutrition challenge will soon be posted! Get ready to win with Complan.

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1 Response to Announcing our winners!

  1. Amaka ofoeme says:

    Answers to the question on complan saturday challenge:
    1) one can exercise 150 minutes in a week
    2) two ways to accomplish this even if you are working
    a) when going to office or after close of work stop at a bus stop before your bus stop and walk
    b) when in the office avoid using elevator instead use the staircase also try as much as possible to help yourself with those little task in the office like going to pick your print out yourself,


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