Parenting For The Uninitiated!


Parenting! Not the easiest of jobs, aye? And we’re constantly learning! I tell my first daughter that she’ll always be my learning curve because I experienced motherhood for the first time through her and I pass through every stage of her life, learning what it feels like for the first time.

I remember her first day in nursery school. I was so excited. My daughter was going to proper school for the first time. This clearly set me apart from all the other mothers that still had their children in reception and/or crèches. Then she graduated…yes, graduated!!! From nursery school, no less 😀

The day she started attending Primary School, I thought my heart was going to burst with pride. I kept looking around to see if everyone had observed that my level had changed. I now had a child in Primary school and so after dropping the Nursery school…

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